Enterprise customers

The keys to a successful transition start with a clear understanding of the business case behind it and creating an implementation plan that best fits your company’s overall objectives.

In order to help you develop the best phone system for your organization, we have to first understand what you need. We need to learn about how you want your new system to work for, and within, your business, to insure that the solutions meet or exceed your requirements. The enterprise operations that the service will support are a key factor in the overall design.


Our support

1Your business is not static and neither should your phone system be.
Whenever you need to make a change or implement a new function within your company, we will assist you in making the changes to your system.
2Reputable solutions and outstanding customer support is what you can expect as our customer. 

A proper implementation plan should include a well thought out communication to employees about the impending transition, the new features that will be made available, and offered resources and training.  This will make your employees excited and supportive of the change. Access Point will assist you in delivering proper documentation, tips, and best practices for internal deployments ensuring a positive adoption.

3As we continue to grow, we have continued to improve our customer support resources.

With the addition of several multi-state and multi-location customers it was imperative that we construct the best account management tools and a superior billing system.

Our process

  • Set expectations for the conversion

    Develop implementation plan and statement of work

  • Communicate time lines

  • Educate customer about the billing platform

  • Deliver conversion dates

  • Verify service continuity immediately after service activations

  • Respond immediately to concerns or questions

  • Perform smooth hand-off to MAR