One service provider, one invoice

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    TEM experts

    Today TEM solutions help customers answer the questions “What are we getting billed for?” and “Are we paying too much?”. Streamline costs and complexity with consolidated billing and a single point of access.

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    Why it's important

    Utilizing our telecom expense management options delivers the control you need with expert, proactive management of your voice and data spending. Help your business cut costs and get more from your existing communications infrastructure.

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    Consolidate your bill

    We specialize in helping companies manage their communications more effectively.  Our industry-leading, robust billing and order management system allows us to provide the invoicing for all locations under a single customized hierarchy designed to maximize the ease of processing and payment within your systems.

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    Custom reports

    We offer several management report options.  Our billing department is happy to work directly with you to design and implement reports that provide maximum benefit.  We can provide customized reporting of monthly charges, usage records, and individual call detail records. 

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    The benefits

    We have worked side-by-side with our customers to design and deliver various management reports that have provided essential data for analyzing and evaluating the progress and management of the standardized location model as well as for continued exploration of the data to uncover additional cost savings opportunities going forward.

My Access Point

Manage your account online

You can view your bill online with My Access Point (MAP).  View your account, add or change services, submit a service or billing request, and check order status online.

  • MAP features:
  • - Single login for access to all your accounts
  • - Historical invoice information
  • - Usage Reports
  • - Current unbilled usage records
  • - View of all services and products on every account
  • - Order status information
  • - Request service adds, changes, and disconnects
  • - Submit trouble tickets
  • - Check status of trouble tickets
Electronic Funds Transfer

To avoid late payments, take advantage of our Electronic Funds Transfer program. This payment can be made either via credit card or a checking account draft. Please be aware that credit card drafts are charged a fee based on the Convenience Fee structure. Checking account drafts are free of charge.