Internet services

  • T

    A T1 provides a dedicated connection to an end user's location. A T1 gives you guaranteed speeds and reliability since the line is not shared. Easily increase your bandwidth levels as your business grows at a price you can afford.

  • C

    Our cable broadband solution is a business-class broadband connection packed with business productivity enhancing features that support multiple users, websites, and enterprise applications. Cable Internet provides you with a reliable cost effective way of going online.

  • D

    Internet services tailored to small/medium sized businesses and branch locations of large enterprises. DSL service provides affordable connectivity with the benefit of optimum speed and performance. Business DSL is reliable, affordable, and scalable to fit your business' needs.

  • E

    If you need fast, scalable, and predictable bandwidth, Ethernet is the best Internet access solution for your business. Designed to scale with your evolving bandwidth requirements, Ethernet services deliver access to corporate networks, the Internet, and network-based applications. Our Ethernet solutions utilize a high-speed, fiber-based network to provide high-quality connectivity between your organization’s locations.

  • F

    FTTI provides Internet access service directly to your premises delivered over a 100% fiber-optic high-speed connection. With FTTI, you'll get faster upload and download speeds that save your business time and resources.  Improve day-to-day operations, productivity, and opportunities for growth with high-speed fiber optic Internet services. FTTI easily handles multiple users and new technologies that require high bandwidth.

  • W

    Fixed Wireless:
    An alternative to DSL or cable modems, it provides high-speed wireless technology to replace copper for connecting to the Internet.  

    Wireless Backup:
    Smart failover technology allows your business to instantly and seamlessly switch to a wireless data connection in case there is a primary network disruption of any kind.

Access when and where you need it

Bandwidth Aggregation Specialists

Bandwidth aggregation is simple in concept: you combine the bandwidth of two or more connections to provide a single connection. This solution combines any broadband connection, no matter the type or speed, and delivers it through a single virtual high speed connection.

Flexibility of choice

We offer a variety of Internet access speeds and technologies giving your business the flexibility to find a solution that fits your budget. We configure solutions that deliver top performance connectivity whenever or wherever you need it.