Secure solutions

Businesses with more than one location often need to operate as if these locations are not separate. They need one network that routes data securely and provides access to information and applications from all locations equally.

Today, many companies are looking to create cost-effective access to company information to accommodate the needs of remote employees and distant offices. With multiple locations, there is one thing that all of them need: a way to maintain fast, secure and reliable communications. A VPN is a highly secure and scalable hardware based solution that truly allows you to consolidate all of your applications, users, and support infrastructure.

Multi-Carrier MPLS-VPN
Virtual Private Network (MPLS-VPN) Meshed Network is the ultimate product for organizations requiring secure T-1 speed higher and above data networks with private network security.

Our fully meshed network allows you to pick and choose carriers for each location offering maximum flexibility and savings compared to traditional MPLS or Wide Area Networking (WAN) solutions. Multi-Carrier MPLS-VPN is your flexible path to migrate from legacy data networks to a high performance, scalable and secure IP-based network.

PDF Download: Multi-Carrier MPLS-VPN

Access options

MMPLS securely connects remote locations over a privately-owned IP network.

MPLS provides you with a private network for site-to-site connections, and you can determine which applications get priority access to the bandwidth. For example, you can make sure that voice and transactional traffic get steady bandwidth while less latency-sensitive traffic, such as email and file backups, travel second class.

VWith VPN service you get best-in-class technology with proprietary processes to securely connect branch offices or retail locations to centralized business resources. 
Our VPNs are configured using IPSec tunneling and 3DES encryption to create an isolated IP packet over the Access Point, Inc. private backbone and public Internet to facilitate secure and reliable data transfer.
ESwitched Ethernet is identical to traditional Ethernet, except that a switch replaces the hub.

Connecting sites together with Switched Ethernet service will help ensure the delivery of important voice, data, and video applications to large and small offices.  All sites are connected to a switched Ethernet virtual private network that enables site to site content sharing while giving all sites simultaneous access to both primary and back up data centers.

Switched Ethernet dramatically improves network performance because each computer has its own dedicated point-to-point circuit, rather than the one common shared multipoint circuit in traditional hub-based Ethernet.