SIP Trunking

Whether your company consists of two locations or two thousand locations, SIP Trunking can enhance the capabilities of your PBX. Your company's multiple locations can be included in the same enterprise enabling extension-to-extension dialing no matter where they exist.

We deliver functionality to your new or existing phone system.  If you already have a substantial investment in PBX or key system equipment, you can take advantage of VoIP features and cost savings.

The facts

1With SIP trunking services, end-users can still keep their existing on-premise PBX in place.

Get the additional benefits of enhanced Hosted PBX features and functionality without immediately undergoing a transition to a fully hosted offering.

2Seasonal Bandwidth

Configure your service allowing for on-demand trunks if you have a sudden need for extra lines. SIP Trunks are valuable for businesses with seasonal voice capacity requirements where more lines need to be quickly and easily implemented.

3SIP trunks can dynamically be purchased one at a time.
This allows businesses to scale as demand dictates. The dramatic cost savings, coupled with voice quality and reliability that equals or even surpasses traditional phone providers makes SIP trunks the logical choice.  

The benefits

  • Substantial cost savings over traditional dedicated voice services

  • Low long distance rates

  • Unlimited local calling, caller name and number included at no additional cost

  • Optimal broadband utilization – when phones are idle, all bandwidth can be made available for data

  • Standard features such as e911 emergency calling, DIDs, toll free numbers, operator services, directory listings and local number portability

  • Preserve your existing capabilities via seamless integration with your existing phone system (analog, digital or SIP-based PBX).

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