STARPoints: Staff Appreciation & Recognition Awards

2017 MVP
Jennifer Thomasson

2017 Rookie of the Year
Jeff McCann

2015 MVPs
Kenny Eck
Kellie Thompson

2016 MVP
Barb Giambattista

2016 Rookie of the Year
Shelton Mitchell

2018 All-Stars
Emily Miller
Robin Fitzgerald
Amy Asbelle

2017 All-Stars
Stuart Lindsey-Kerr
Bonnie Anderson
Dana Lind
David White
Lori Leehive
Joe DelPopolo
Tywanda Bloodworth
Tisha Sidberry
Tajuan Harris
Trovia Stewart
Amelia Earley
Karen Starling
Coretta Williams
Brenda Shelton
Kayla Houde

Alex Daidone
Taylor Jackson
Jennifer Thomasson

2016 All-Stars
Julia Klein
Tisha Sidberry
Chelsea Beaty
Gerry Viator
Steve Murray
Karen Starling
Tony Cupelli
Joyce Sherlock
James Kinney
Jonathan Gavin

Ed Bethel
Jennifer Thomasson
Barb Giambattista

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The Staff Appreciation and Recognition (STAR) Awards Program celebrates outstanding employees and their contributions to Access Point. This program recognizes individuals for their leadership, knowledge, and ongoing dedication.

There are several reasons for nominating a co-worker, for example they:

  • + Impacted the company in a positive way
  • + Excelled in performance with little oversight
  • + Showed initiative and exercised good judgement
  • + Promoted teamwork with a can-do attitude

Your effort to recognize outstanding performance is appreciated. To activate your nomination, complete the fields below and click “Submit.” You can submit a nomination at any time during the quarter. You may also nominate the same person more than once.

“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.” – Doug Conant, CEO of Campbell’s Soup

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