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    Customer Service

    Customer Service is what makes Access Point the best choice for your business telecommunication needs.

    Our US-based customer service department is available 24/7, with responses to 98.7% of calls within 30 seconds.

    Reputable solutions and outstanding customer support is what you can expect as an API customer. Make the switch to a provider who will give you the attention you deserve.

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    If you have questions or need help our Customer Service team is always available. When you call we have a professional, experienced representative available to help. Your call will be answered by us, not our voicemail.

    We don’t just talk about providing good service.  We continually grow, envision, innovate - and take real action to provide superior customer service.

    You can reach us anytime at 800-957-6468
    or email

    Visit Access Point University for helpful guides and videos.

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    What customers are saying about us

    “Whenever we’ve had issues she is extremely quick to respond in a calm and professional manner…  If only there were more Julies in the world, there would be a better Customer Service experience everywhere!”

    "It is always a pleasure to get Janet. In my experiences with her I have found her to be knowledgeable, technically adept, and always happy to help."

    “I wanted to give some Kudos to Jill and Liz who are working with CSX for me.  CSX is a very large account and I'm happy to see orders getting handled so quickly!”

Our team

Account Development Specialists

We know it’s not enough to win your business…we have to work to keep it. Our Account Development Specialists do just that by reviewing account profiles and looking for ways to provide better and more efficient services and support.

Customer Service Reps

Our telephone ambassadors are the front line of our Customer Service department. They receive every incoming call on our toll-free service number, answering questions, solving problems, and gathering critical service data. With their training and expertise they can resolve most of your customer care issues, with just one call.

Sales Engineers

We strive to provide our customers with proven and reliable solutions making it easy to move their telecom services and expand as their business grows and adds additional locations. We have experienced the highest customer satisfaction in part because our process is easy to deploy, manage, and implement.

Resolution Specialists

This group is dedicated to resolving the more complex service and billing problems should they arise. They work with our internal provisioning departments and our underlying carriers to speed a solution to the customer as quickly as possible. They work against established Mean-Time-to-Repair (MTTR) intervals to provide timely resolutions.

Project Managers

Our Project Management team specializes in on-boarding enterprise clients, guiding customers through the implementation process. By creating a custom project plan unique to each customer’s needs and providing detailed project tracking every step of the way, this team is able to help ensure a smooth transition to Access Point.

Major Account Representatives (MARs)

Our biggest customers benefit from senior-level customer care agents who can help them coordinate their large volume of lines and services. The Major Account Representatives specialize in managing service and billing resolutions, processing service add and change requests, and developing special billing services and analysis reports.