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Our telecom agent suggested in 2009 that we move all of our lines to Access Point...
Part of our job as property managers requires us to verify our communities are receiving competitive pricing for their telecom services. Historically, we would sign a contract with a service provider and then cancel the service at the end of the term in hopes of securing a better rate elsewhere.  Our telecom agent suggested in 2009 that we move all of our lines to Access Point and sign a three year agreement to lock us in to the great rate that was offered. The rest is history and we’ve been with Access Point ever since!

It is so very important we always have an active phone line during our pool season. This is a strict DHEC requirement and our community pool could be fined if DHEC does a surprise inspection and the line is down..  Access Point clearly understands our needs and the urgency of restoring service should we experience an issue. Your customer service reps are always kind enough to allow my emergency to become their emergency.

Bottom line, you guys answer the phone when we call.  As property managers, we do not have time to sit on hold for an hour waiting on someone in the customer service department to answer our call. Access Point has always delivered quick resolutions. You will get a live person on the phone and that person will help you. Period.
Amie Bolen
Goldsmith Company

McDonald’s began using Access Point, Inc. services in 2006...

We initially selected them to take advantage of an opportunity to reduce the rates and fees that we pay for our telephone service. What we have found is they have been a great impact to our overall bottom line. Not only did they dramatically reduce our previous telecom costs, they have also helped us gain control over our telephone service. Access Point has been able to consolidate a significant amount of our telecom billing and service data into their simple, yet robust billing and reporting information system. The results have given us a complete picture of our telecom use and costs in over seven hundred of our stores to date, which has resulted in reductions in the services needed in those locations and translated into savings for us. 

Access Point understands the importance of quality customer service and has adopted that as their philosophy in business. Their customer service is outstanding. They are always ready with real people answering the telephone when we call and real solutions to our service needs. Our experience with Access Point has given us the confidence that they are willing and able to deliver top level service to us every day. 

Thank you Access Point for proving to be a “customer-first” company. McDonald’s appreciates our winning relationship with you. We look forward to a continued successful business partnership. 
Tim Burge
Store Systems Manager

CSX Transportation has been a customer of Access Point, Inc. for over a decade...

CSX Transportation has been a customer of Access Point, Inc. for several years. During that time, we have received consistently excellent customer service and competitive pricing for all of our telecom services.

CSX operates the largest rail network in the Eastern US, and Access Point has played a vital role in the efficient management of our sizable, multi-location telecom services. We have been impressed over the years with the way Access Point has combined our telecom services from multiple carriers and billing platforms with nearly 1000 of our locations in the Eastern US. Access Point’s billing format is easy to understand and there is always a quick response with any issue. We could not be more pleased with all aspects of our relationship with Access Point.

From the beginning we have been provided with exceptional customer-friendly support, live personal service and a single point of contact that manages our services in a highly efficient manner. Managing our telecommunications services could be a time consuming and frustrating experience. With Access Point, we have the peace of mind in knowing that a professional and enthusiastic team is available at any time to answer questions or address a service-related issue. This is critical to the efficient operation of our business.

I want to compliment Access Point for being a customer-focused company who truly seems to care for their clients. In this day and age, personal care is not something that you run into everyday. CSX Transportation focuses on excellent customer service and outstanding business practices and appreciates the same high standards in return. We highly recommend Access Point and look forward to continuing our relationship.
Brad Cook
Manager, Telecommunications