Voice services

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    SIP Trunking

    We offer next-generation voice technologies that provide superior quality, scalability, features and business-grade service guarantees. Our complete range of voice services fit any size business, requirement or budget. 

    For businesses with traditional premise-based voice systems, we create solutions that are more budget friendly than traditional analog lines.

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    Dedicated LD

    Our Dedicated Long Distance service allows heavy long-distance users to receive lower usage rates on a connection designed for reliability, privacy and security.  If your company has a high volume of long distance or toll-free voice traffic, there is no communication facility that is more cost-effective and reliable at the same time than T-1 service.   24 voice channels on one dedicated circuit, traffic management of inbound and outbound calls, integrating data and voice, high-speed Internet access, interconnecting multiple locations

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    Dynamic T1

    Integrate your voice and Internet services on a single T1 connection to improve productivity and reduce costs. With functionality and flexibility previously available only to large enterprises, small to mid-size businesses can integrate voice, data and Internet services on a single T1 connection, improving productivity and reducing costs. 

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    Toll Free

    We offer our toll-free calling with a wide range of features that enable you to customize your service to fit your business's individual needs.

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    Local & LD

    We support Plain Old Telephone Services (POTS) lines you have in place today and when you’re ready, we'll move you into current technologies.  Experience the ease of management as we help you select the number of lines and features that’s just right for your business.

  • P

    PRI offers the business customer the most reliable and most flexible service for voice, data and video communications.  It also provides superior clarity of digital transmission, high-speed data interfaces and sufficient bandwidth to fulfill your current and future communication needs.

    Keep What You Have, Add What You Want!!

    So what is PRI +
    PRI + is the perfect way to customize your existing phone system.

    PRI + is an ideal solution for businesses looking to leverage their existing PBX investment, boosting their phone system’s capabilities, all while benefiting from the enhanced capabilities that hosted telephony brings.

    So who needs PRI +
    Simply put, this is a product for businesses who demand more out of their existing phone system.

    PDF Download: PRI +

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    Local T1
    Consolidate your voice traffic over a local T-1 connected to you Key or PBX system and gain greater control of your communication systems.  Our T-1 access allows you the flexibility to bundle local, long distance, and data services and dynamically allocate traffic as your business needs change or grow.

    Key Benefits of PRI +:

    • Keep what you have, add what you want.

    • More features, with greater flexibility at a more competitive price

    • No additional equipment investment

    • The ideal solution for growing companies
    • Reliable, scalable, cost-effective