How to optimize your accounting?

Optimizing accounting functions will make your company’s financial management more fluid and certainly lead to a better bottom line. That being said, you need experts by your side with significant experience and resources to get assistance in optimizing your accounting operations and garnering valuable results. Access Point Inc. is here to help. We’ll tell you better ways for cost-effective optimization.

Optimize accounting for
small business

We optimize accounting for small businesses as they often lack the resources to properly optimize accounting functions. We follow proven techniques to streamline small business accounting processes so you can make better use of your limited resources. We take a strategic approach to accounts payable and accounts receivable to ensure your cash flow yields sizable benefits.
Tips to optimize accounting for small business.

Optimize accounting for medium and large business

We know that excellent account management is key to reliable financial reporting and devising effective growth strategies. Since medium and large businesses deal with heavy cash flow, they are at greater risk of losing out on valuable revenue even with a minor error in the accounting process. In fact, poor accounting processes can lead SMEs to lose billions every year. Thus, streamlined and refined accounting processes can help SMEs enhance the accuracy of their cash flow forecasts and mitigate funding gaps. Tips to optimize accounting for medium and large business

Use the best accounts receivables software

You can grow your top line by eliminating the manual tasks and automating the addendum billing process. Technology can maximize your organizational efficiency and relieve your employees of routine tasks to spend their time on things that contribute to bringing value to your business. The best accounts receivables software will not only expedite your payment collection process but also enable your accounting teams to follow up with unpaid invoices and schedule reminders to late payers. Forget working on those endless spreadsheets that kill your time, and switch to technology for an error-free workflow.

Improve the core processes of finance and accounting

Inefficient and misaligned finance processes will prevent your business from moving as smoothly and efficiently as it should. When your accounting and finance processes are sullen, your entire organization will be on the side of the operational road instead of moving fast on the driveway.
So, it’s essential to find the most common issues that negatively impact your accounting processes. Look at your core processes like accounts payable and receivable, cost management, financial planning and analysis, HR and taxes, Audit and compliance. Not receiving money and not paying your own bills on time can hamper your reputation and good standing with clients. Improve your A/R and A/P processes. Further, successfully manage your costs, including employee-related expenses, cost allocation, and reporting demands to maximize cash flow. Make timely, relevant financial planning and insights that properly steer the organizational ship. The same goes for compliance and regulatory demands – incorporate smooth workflows and generate clean data with tidy processes. Last but not least, improve your HR processes. Address responsibilities like payroll, stock compensation, benefits, and other critical data.

Seems like optimization is not your cup of tea? Let us help!

If you think you can’t optimize the accounting process because you don’t have time to train employees or you can’t understand technology, seek help from professionals like us. Access Point has a team of technology and accounting experts who can teach small businesses and SMEs time-saving tricks, shortcuts, and fundamental functions of the accounting software so you can use technology to its utmost potential.